Friday, August 2, 2013

Bracelet Tutorial - Knotted Bracelet

    Here goes I haven't ever done a tutorial, but I know that when I was starting out I could have used a few pointer, instead of learning the hard way. Hope you like and if I missed something feel free to ask me. I am trying to promote my Irish waxed linen that I sell @ MY BEADS SHOP  I have over 30 colors to choose from and beads to go with! I use this stuff for stringing all the time! I just love this product! Check it out. I have 4 ply this is 1mm and fits though most Czech glass bead holes.

For this bracelet you will need:
4 inches of 4 different set of beads I used 4mm and 6mm
1 Focal bead, owl, bird, or house ext.
2 1/2 inches to 3 inches of chunky chain
1 hook clasp
1 head pin
1 bead of your choose for the end of the chain
22 or 24 gauge brass wire
2 pieces of waxed linen cord
basic jewelry tools

The great thing about this bracelet is that it is part chain, that means less beads, so use that half strand that you did have enough beads for something big, you only need about four inches of each set of beads.
Step 1.
 Start by cutting 2 strands of waxed linen, I always eyeball it, but I would double to triple the length. So if you are knotting 4 inches of beads you need about 8 to 12 inches of Irish waxed linen, but for this bracelet we need them double the size because we are going to fold them to knot the linen onto the chain. If you are new at knotting give yourself more string so that you have more to work with toward the end of the bracelet.
Step 2.
Have your piece of chain at hand and fold the waxed linen evenly in half, now run the loop side though your brass chain and the other end of waxed linen though the loop pull tight to make the knot (as shown in the first three pictures).
Step 3.
You should have 4 strands of waxed linen, you are going to do one strand at a time. Start with one color of beads, string a bead then knot, string a bead then knot, keep repeating until you have completed one strand then start the next (as shown in pictures 3. 4. 5. and 6.).
  Once you have all four strand done and even, measure it to your wrist to see how close you are, remember to leave room for the owl and clasp, so the bracelet should be a bit short at this point.
TIP: When I knot I don't have any fancy tools, to get the knot close to the bead I use my round nose pliers. You can see in picture #5, you make your knot then use the pliers to pinch the linen close to the bead inside the loop them pull your string to tightens. It might take a bit of practice, but that's ok.
Step 4.
With your piece of brass wire you are going to wire wrap your focal beads, an owl in this case, see picture #8. On one side you will attached the hook clasp and on the other side you will knot the Irish waxed linen to the brass wire. To make in easier to handle tie all the strands in one big knot to keep them together. Them what I did was I knotted each strand to the wire, just a basic knot. Do that with all the strands to secure it. 
Step 5.
On the other end of the chain take a bead and headpin, wire wrap the bead to the chain, this will give the bracelet a finish look and its easier for the person wearing it, to hook the chain. They will have something to hold on to.
I think I have cover all the basics, hope you try this bracelet tutorial!
Thank you!


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