Monday, November 18, 2013

Biggest sale of the year!

Hello everyone,

Here are the coupon codes for this years Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale, 40% off for 24 hour on Black Friday and 30% off Cyber Monday, sale starts at 12am and go all the way to midnight. Shop anytime on Friday 11-29-13 40% off or Monday 12-2-13 30% off everything is included no limit to how much you buy. Go shop

How it works,
When you go to checkout it says "apply shops coupon code" in blue. You will find it right under the PayPal and visa payments logos. Click there and enter the code. Right away you will see the total reflect the sale percentage.

For 40% off Black Friday use coupon code blackfriday2013
For 30% off Cyber Monday use coupon code cybermonday2013

Start shopping

The code will only work for that day.

Enjoy and have fun shopping, thank you!

Andrea, Bead Soup Jewelry


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